Should we have a discussion about these?

I assume so. I’m unlocking the chocolate important to your coronary heart.

Behold the negative working day bars.

Loss of life by deliciousness. Sinful and rich. So completely full of chocolate it will blow your mind… and your food plan. Do you fully grasp what I’m indicating? You Have to have to make these.

sea salt and double dark chocolate brownie cookie bars in a stack on a plate

Wait. The title of this article is perplexing proper? Are they a brownie? Are they a cookie bar? I dunno you convey to me. I dubbed them the ‘bad working day bars’. I could not feel of what to identify these when they came out of the oven. They resemble a brownie, but they are not fairly brownie like. They’re a bit cookieish. All I know that this was a worry baking experimentation turned great.

I’ll reveal. Yesterday I was pressured to pack up my entire space which was absolutely miserable. Who actually likes packing? In particular on a monday. It’s like waking up from a enjoyable weekend and diving into mad chaos or just big monday depression. I also had to obtain new tires for my car,  which of program came with a monstrous price tag. Okay, annddddd I have to drive to Ohio these days. Smile and believe pleased feelings? Nope, did not operate. Baking was the only answer. Yessssssss!

sea salt and double dark chocolate brownie cookie bars in a stack

Now this isn’t just any chocolate bar I baked up. It is DOUBLE darkish chocolate, or just mainly insane. Since a thing demands to get me through this generate throughout the region following all. And it’s not that new Rihanna Birthday Cake song. Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cakkkkkkeeeeee. Can we just make some previously and cease singing about it? At the very least which is what I’m thinking each and every time it comes on.

But actually, these bars are really unbelievable. No, in fact they’re ridiculous. Demonstrated to resolve your difficulties (temporarily). Please reserve them for negative times only… or days when you want to impress somebody with your mad delightful baking skills. It’s definitely up to you. Just know that you are not stopping at 1.

sea salt and double dark chocolate brownie cookie bars in a pan and on a plate

I’ll just get into the deets. In the beginning I started with a fundamental cookie recipe. I desired to make anything similar to cookies, but then I just began enjoying all-around and issues acquired weird… in a truly tasty way.

Mmmm browned butter (lovelovelovelove).

Dim cocoa powder (omggggg).

Dark chocolate chips, and some great sea salt. Perfection.

sea salt and double dark chocolate brownie cookie bars

I resolved to not make them into cookies due to the fact I was functioning around my kitchen like a competitor on Iron Chef. They necessary to be in and out of the oven brief. I’m perfectly joyful with this conclusion mainly because these are surely continue to milk dippable. They remind me of my brown butter & sea salt chocolate chip cookies, except this recipe really techniques up it up. In particular if you are into dim chocolate. I’ve heard it is an antioxidant? I think it’s a fantastic excuse to have a lot more than one particular.

I’ll have two make sure you. With ice product and strawberries. Oh, in no way overlook the whip cream. I’m heading all out. Never decide.

sea salt and double dark chocolate brownie cookie bars

Undesirable working day or not, I’d inhale these above and over yet again. Will make any day a very good day, I’d say.