I’m heading to be sincere with you. Escalating up, the only tuna-linked recipe I cherished was my Dad’s tuna pasta salad that he made use of to make in the summertime. I’d gobble it up the noodles, tangy flavor (likely many thanks to mayo) and of course the addicting umami flavor of tuna.

Father beloved creating that tuna salad for me and I cherished having it.

Tuna patty on half of a bun topped with avocado, shredded carrots and shredded cabbage

Several years later my style buds have long gone into total blown adulthood and I cannot get sufficient tuna. There are times when Abra and I are so chaotic working absent that we really do not have time to prep a big lunch so we ordinarily mix a can of tuna with avocado or greek yogurt and nosh on it around a salad, or blended with an additional creation from the week (like this broccoli chickpea salad!).

Tuna pattie on half of a bun topped with avocado and shredded carrots and two tuna cans in the background

Currently I’ve got an additional Uncomplicated tuna recipe for you that can pretty much be produced in 10 minutes. Perfect for lunch or an effortless evening meal submit-exercise. And guess what? It all commences with my favourite can of Genova Yellowfin Tuna. Most of you in all probability know that I have been performing with Genova for a couple of decades now and for superior cause:

  1. They have Uncomplicated Open CANS. No can opener demanded which signifies I can convey it on the go if necessary. A can of tuna + 1 avocado + bread = uncomplicated mountaineering lunch. Also good combined with greek yogurt, honey, dijon and chopped apples!
  2. Genova Tuna is made with just olive oil, tuna and sea salt. That is appropriate, a few uncomplicated ingredients make the tuna style Wonderful, fresh and flavorful. And a little little bit of olive oil can help to continue to keep the tuna moist and hold taste.
  3. Last but not least, I like Genova mainly because they are fully commited to to sustainable seafood and are MSC Qualified, the world’s major certification typical for sustainable, wild-caught seafood. You can even trace their seafood on the Genova Seafood web page!

Two thai tuna patties next to each other

These thai tuna patties are packed with fresh taste from cilantro, a small spice thanks to cayenne pepper and savory thai flavor thanks to turmeric, ginger and garlic.

I’m OBSESSED and you will be much too, primarily immediately after you top rated them with my easy-to-make cilantro cabbage slaw.


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This recipe is in partnership with Genova Seafood. Many thanks for supporting SRCooking and the brand names that help make this web page possible!