Hi from beautiful Scottsdale, AZ! Can I just say how excellent it feels to be in warm weather conditions without the need of a scarf, coat or mittens? I’ve been craving heat sunshine on my skin given that early October.

Really do not fear though, I’m certain the rest of the country will capture up quickly. March is virtually right here, which for me means patio year, rooftop bars, farmer’s marketplaces, biking alongside Lake Michigan, functioning outside, berries and ALL THE SMOOTHIES…

My really like for smoothies has been wicked powerful due to the fact way back again in 2010 when I was a youngin’ in university. When I to start with started finding out about nutrition and conditioning, I was adamant about getting some muscle and studying how to refuel my body after a exercise session. Smoothies with a small protein powder or greek yogurt were an simple way to get protein, vitamins and nutrition in!

Smoothies aren’t just for breakfast though I’ll typically have 1 an hour or so prior to mattress. I in particular really like when you can make them style like ice product, which is just what today’s smoothie reminds me of.

Specifically I’m thinking if you remember Neapolitan ice product? It’s a little complicated to obtain now, but I beloved it when I was a kid. A scoop of all a few wonderful flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Oh hells indeed. My version calls for banana in the middle due to the fact I kind of wished it to be like a banana split.

carton of almondbreeze almondmilk cashewmilk blend

This smoothie is produced in partnership with Almond Breeze. Most of you already know I bake with their almond milk all the time, but this time I needed to their new additional creamy vanilla cashewmilk almondmilk! It is ridiculously superior and excellent for smoothie-makin’. Oh and I Adore the flavor. It’s extremely delicate creamy cashew goodness.

There are a number of tips to generating this smoothie stunning & tasty:

-Use frozen bananas. They make a big difference in the thickness of the smoothie and are critical. I like to peel my bananas, then spot them in a ziploc bag and freeze right away.

-Use a vanilla protein powder or just one that you actually love! I haven’t examined this recipe devoid of protein powder so I’m not guaranteed how it would switch out if you didn’t use it. I consider you could use greek yogurt and reduce the amount of money of almondmilk.

-Use Almond Breeze’s Almondmilk Cashewmilk mix or their normal unsweetened authentic Almondmilk to include to the creaminess.

-Never fret about it currently being best. You can also make this into a smoothie bowl and swirl all the things collectively!

banana split smoothie in two glasses

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Recipe by: Evi Madison // Pictures by: Sarah Fennel

Blue Diamond Almond MilkThis article is in partnership with Almond Breeze! I like baking with their non dairy milks and enjoy sharing dairy totally free recipes with you! Many thanks for continuing to assistance AK and the brand names that assist make this web page achievable!