Random cravings. I get them all the time. Could be owing to the fact that I’m expecting, but in simple fact, I go by these bizarre phases where I’ll consume the identical thing for a thirty day period straight. Does that at any time come about to you?

Just this earlier month I’ve been obsessed with all matters designed with buffalo sauce. Additionally honeycrisp apples, blueberry bagels with jalapeno product cheese, kale smoothies, veggies burgers, pineapple, greek yogurt with strawberries, and of program, my preferred minimal grain: quinoa!

What is quinoa?

While quinoa seems to be and behaves like a grain, it is truly a seed that comes from a flowering plant! It has been made use of in South American cooking for 1000’s of years and additional recently turned a “superfood” in this article in the U.S.

Diverse sorts of quinoa

  • Seeds. Quinoa seeds on their own occur in white, crimson and black types, so you are going to usually see baggage labeled individually or as “tricolor quinoa” with all a few. White quinoa will take the shortest amount of time to cook dinner, followed by pink quinoa and then black quinoa.
  • Flour. You can also make flour out of quinoa that is a good, gluten absolutely free flour to bake with! Check out out my Amazing quinoa flour chocolate chip cookies.
  • Flakes. Quinoa also will come in flakes, which just suggests that the quinoa seeds have been pressed & rolled to search and act like a rolled oat. A excellent way to appreciate quinoa for breakfast!

Style & texture

  • Taste. Quinoa has a a little nutty flavor to it, which can make it excellent for including to your beloved dishes or simply just seasoning it with a number of fundamental flavors.
  • Texture. At the time cooked, quinoa has a fluffy and slightly chewy texture like rice but is more compact in size like couscous. I use it in both equally sweet & savory recipes!

cooked quinoa in a bowl with a spoon

Wellbeing gains of quinoa

Not only is quinoa delightful & versatile, but it’s also stuffed with a array of astounding health and fitness benefits!

  • Gluten no cost. Quinoa is the natural way gluten absolutely free, creating it a excellent complete grain option to those people with gluten intolerances or allergies.
  • Protein & fiber. One particular cup of cooked quinoa packs 8g of protein and 5g of fiber. Far more than normal rice although getting reduced in carbs and calories. Quinoa is also a full protein, which suggests it has all important amino acids that we simply cannot generate on our possess. Pretty amazing for a plant!
  • Vitamins & minerals. Quinoa also had a good total of magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc that we could not get plenty of of. It is also higher in anti-oxidants when compared to other grains.
  • Blood sugar. Unlike processed grains, quinoa has a lower glycemic index and will not spike your blood sugar. Some thing that’s excellent for being complete & happy without having crashing later on on.

A further detail that’s superb? Quinoa cooks in only 15 minutes, which helps make it fantastic to retail outlet in the fridge and include to your weeknight dinner menu or toss in your lunch. Of program, generating absolutely sure you know how to thoroughly prepare dinner quinoa will make your meals that much better.

a bowl of cooked quinoa with a spoon

How to cook quinoa

Phase 1: rinse your quinoa

You are likely questioning why we rinse the quinoa 1st. Quinoa can be very bitter if you do not correctly rinse it prior to you cook it due to the fact it has a normal coating of a substance termed saponin that helps prevent birds from ingesting it. To rinse this off, merely place 1 cup quinoa in a good mesh strainer and rinse it a couple occasions below cool water.

rinsing quinoa with a strainer

Step 2: use the suitable cooking liquid & ratio

Begin with a 1:2 ratio: one portion quinoa, two parts water or other cooking liquid (hen broth, milk, and so on). I use 1 cup quinoa and 2 cups of liquid, which will make about 3 cups of cooked quinoa. If you want you can double that to make a more substantial batch. Applying diverse liquids provides a bigger flavor dimension to the quinoa, but h2o is wonderful also:

  • Milk. Usually if I’m earning breakfast quinoa, I cook dinner it in milk. I especially adore coconut milk!
  • Broth. If I’m producing it as a savory aspect dish, I’ll cook my quinoa in a chicken or vegetable broth for a little bit of flavor from the salt.
  • Drinking water. Cooking your quinoa in water will also perform terrific (and is what we’re using in this tutorial).

pouring water into a pot of quinoa

Step 3: cook the quinoa

If you’ve ever wondered how prolonged to prepare dinner quinoa, I’ve received the actual timing and idea for you! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Incorporate quinoa and water or broth to a pot and provide to a boil.
  2. The moment boiling, lower heat to minimal, address, and allow simmer for specifically 15 minutes.
  3. Just after 15 minutes eliminate the pot from the heat and permit stand lined for another 5-10 minutes. No peeking!

cooked quinoa in a pot

Stage 4: fluff the quinoa with a fork

The quinoa will pop on cooking and expand. To help separate the grains, use a fork and fluff the quinoa. Increase in fruit, nuts, milk, spices, or no matter what your coronary heart dreams, or provide it in a person of these excellent recipes beneath.

fluffing quinoa in a pot with a fork

How to retail store cooked quinoa

Let the quinoa great entirely before transferring it to an airtight container. Then merely store it in the refrigerator for up to 3-5 days.

Can you freeze cooked quinoa?

Essentially, sure! To freeze it basically permit it awesome totally and then put it in airtight, freezer-friendly baggage or containers. To reheat it you are going to enable it thaw in the fridge or at area temp before microwaving it.

cauliflower quinoa salad on a plate

Scrumptious ways to use quinoa

The moment you’ve discovered how to make excellent quinoa, it is time to innovative introducing it to incredible recipes. Not only is quinoa delectable in tons of distinct salads, sides and even pancakes, it’s also super tasty on its individual with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper or even some parmesan cheese and fresh new herbs. YUM. Right here are far more recipes to attempt:

Searching for more? Get all of our very best quinoa recipes here!

I hope you adore this effortless, action-by-step tutorial on how to prepare dinner quinoa! If you attempt this system be absolutely sure to depart a remark & a score so I know how it turned out. Enjoy, xo!

Recipe by: Evi Madison // SRCooking | Images by: Consume Love Eats