True talk: is there everything superior than perfectly crispy, thick-slash bacon? On brunch plates, sandwiches, salads — you identify it, it is delightful with flawlessly cooked bacon.

Bacon is a staple in our property and though I normally choose for turkey bacon, I’m normally down for that authentic offer goodness. I come to feel like there is a longstanding debate about the most effective way to cook dinner bacon, and I’m here to distinct all of that up by telling you that cooking bacon in the oven tends to make the ideal, crispiest slices out there. I Said IT.

In this version of our Back to Fundamental principles sequence I’m heading to instruct you precisely how to prepare dinner bacon in the oven, what can make this system amazing, and of study course, how to use properly cooked bacon in addition to shoveling it for breakfast. Buckle up, it’s bacon time.

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Why you must cook dinner bacon in the oven

Cooking bacon in the oven is really the finest way to get beautifully crispy, evenly cooked bacon just about every time!

  • It’s fingers-free and doesn’t need you to sit and watch the bacon though it cooks.
  • It is a great deal cleaner and safer due to the fact you won’t get grease splatters like when you cook bacon on the stovetop.
  • It cooks every single slice of bacon evenly as each individual piece has adequate space to prepare dinner and receives the similar amount of heat.
  • It is also less complicated to make More bacon all at the identical time! No need to have to cook dinner numerous batches in one particular greasy pan on the stove.

uncooked bacon on a baking sheet

What sort of bacon is ideal?

I like cooking thick-slice bacon in the oven because it crisps up nicely when not overcooking and shriveling up. We want to appreciate big bites of bacon! You can surely prepare dinner thinner slices of bacon in the oven, you are going to just want to minimize the cooking time and be sure to verify it so that it is not having much too crisp.

oven-baked bacon on a baking sheet

Ingredients & resources you will require

You will just want a few matters to prepare dinner the best bacon in the oven:

  • Bacon: the star! Decide on your fav form, thick-reduce favored.
  • Massive baking sheet: to cook dinner the bacon on, of program.
  • Parchment paper: to prevent burning and sticking.
  • Paper towel: to aid drain the grease a little bit once the bacon is completed cooking.
  • Disposable can or cup: to get rid of the extra grease from the pan. If you’d like to use the bacon grease afterwards for cooking, you are going to need to have a sealable glass jar.

bacon slices that were cooked in the oven

How to cook dinner bacon in the oven (4 basic methods!)

  1. Prep your pan & oven. Preheat your oven to 400 levels F and line a big baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Add the bacon. Location just about every slice of bacon in a single layer on the tray without overlapping.
  3. Prepare dinner it up. Spot the tray in your preheated oven and cook the bacon for 20-30 minutes, dependent on the bacon’s thickness and how crispy you like it. Be guaranteed to get started examining the bacon all around 20 minutes as everyone’s oven periods are a bit unique.
  4. Transfer the slices & serve. As soon as the bacon is done cooking, location just about every slice of bacon on to a plate lined with paper towels to assist drain the grease. Then provide it up and take pleasure in!

Add a sweet or spicy kick

We Really like including a little excess flavor to give our bacon slices aptitude. Prior to baking:

  • For a sweet kick: brush the bacon with maple syrup or sprinkle with brown sugar or coconut sugar.
  • For a spicy kick: sprinkle the bacon with a minor cayenne pepper.

crispy bacon on a plate with paper towels

What really should I do with the grease?

If you’d like to use the grease for cooking later, store it in a glass, airtight container in the refrigerator. In any other case, pour the extra grease into a disposable cup or can and toss it.

Storing & freezing strategies

  • To retail outlet: location any leftover bacon slices in an airtight bag or container in the fridge for up to 3-5 times. Reheat the bacon quickly in the microwave or on the stovetop, or position it in the oven at 350 levels F for 10 or so minutes. The oven technique is ideal if you’re reheating a great deal of cooked bacon.
  • To freeze: location leftover bacon in an airtight, freezer-pleasant bag or container and freeze for up to 3 months. To reheat, thaw the slices in the refrigerator overnight and warmth with just one of the solutions previously mentioned.

crispy bacon cooked in the oven on a plate with an egg, strawberries and toast

Our beloved strategies to use oven-baked bacon

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I hope you like this simple system for how to cook bacon in the oven! If you try it, be positive to depart a comment and a rating so I know how you favored it. Appreciate, xo!

Tutorial by: Evi Madison // SRCooking | Images by Try to eat Like Eats