How was your weekend? Mine was full of cooking! My roommate and I made arugula salads with fresh fruit vinaigrette, chicken stir fry, and used several hours building chile verde and the ideal apple crisp in the entire world. Our bellies ended up joyful.

Just after all of that cooking, I required to convey you one thing simple: a environmentally friendly chile sauce that goes on top of approximately everything! I’m also a enormous fan of how uncomplicated this recipe is. All you have to do is roast chiles (or you can made use of canned), put a pair of elements in a pot, and enable it simmer for 30 minutes.

Homemade roasted green chiles on a sheet pan

This eco-friendly chile sauce is somewhat spicy, but it reminds me of all matters Summer. You can put it on just about anything, and is now a staple in my eating plan. I place it in on eggs,  chicken, about enchiladas, in tacos, essentially anything… oh and it’s amazing over squash. See?

Homemade roasted green chile sauce being spooned over acorn squash

Does not that search very good? I just cannot hold out to share a million other things that make Fall the very best year everrrrr.

Right up until then, I’ll savor ice cream cones, shorts, the vivid blue ocean, clean fruit, iced espresso, and almost everything else that will make Summertime oh so good. Here’s a look at some shots that I have snapped more than the previous month. (The recipe for the sauce is at the end of this put up.)

Blueberries in a container

Yogurt parfait with berries and granola

Two people sitting on a boardwalk with bikes

Monique on a ferris wheel

Sunset in California

Man eating ice cream on the beach

Swirled ice cream cone

Cookbooks on a shelf

Cutting into a pumpkin cake

Kids rollerblading on a boardwalk

Unbaked cookie dough ball

Two women sitting on a bench overlooking the beach

Ice cream sandwiches on display

Two dogs laying next to each other

Leafy greens salad

Browning butter in a pan

People walking in Hermosa Beach

Omelet on a plate with strawberries

Jar of creamy unsalted almond butter

California Republic flag flying

Patios in California

Manhattan Beach Creamery sign

Boardwalk next to the ocean

People on the beach and swimming in the ocean

Will not you savor the relaxation of Summer time with me? If possible with this roasted eco-friendly chile sauce I’m telling you it is soooo worthy of it!

Now, if you really do not know how to roast environmentally friendly chiles, below‘s a great tutorial (with images!) from the Pioneer Lady. Basically all you have to do is spot  green chiles less than the broiler for 10-15 minutes. Amazing, huh?

You are gonna will need this recipe for a further recipe I have coming shortly!