You men know I’m a peanut butter lover for daily life. I signify whoever considered of grinding a nut into a magical unfold is a FREAKING genius!

I virtually slather peanut butter on every little thing in sight. I aspiration about it. I also wake up with peanut butter sandwiches next to my bed.

Yeah, do not even ask.

almonds toasted on pan and ground in food processor

Know what else I’m head around heels in appreciate with? Do-it-yourself almond butter! It is ridiculously smooth and perfect on muffins, pancakes, and in chickpea blondies. Immediately after producing this vanilla bean honey almond butter, I just really do not know if I can go again to the plain PB.

Almond butter is packed with nutritional added benefits too this involves fiber, protein, and fantastic-for-you fat. I’m not absolutely sure about you, but I type of want to dive experience 1st into the jar.

ground almonds in food processor

Anyway if you have by no means produced homemade almond butter, now is the fantastic time to start off!

There are a few quick measures:

  1. Roasting the almonds in the oven to carry out the nuttiness
  2. Processing the almonds in a food items processor (sorry, no blenders).
  3. Waiting a very long time/asking yourself if it is ever likely to change into anything at all (it will!).
  4. Incorporating further flavors that you’d like the moment the almond butter is creamy.

After your almonds are roasted, you can spot them in your food stuff processor and run it. Soon after a moment or two, the almonds will appear like sand (pictured above).

It is incredibly essential to notice that you ought to use a massive foodstuff processor with a rather robust motor as it will be functioning for a when. I recommend this food stuff processor.

homemade almond butter being mixed in food processor

Right after about ten minutes of running the foodstuff processor, the almonds will release their oils and turn into clumpy. This could possibly choose a lot more time to get to this issue depending on your foods processor. But don’t stress, it will occur!

Clumpy implies delightful matters are coming. All great factors choose time.

homemade almond butter being mixed in food processor

Soon after various much more minutes, the almond butter will sleek out. At this point, you can be the choose of how creamy you like your almond butter. I like my almond butter Extremely creamy, so I commonly continue to run my foods processor until the almonds are blended right until an pretty much liquid-like regularity.

This is also when you’d want to increase any additional flavorings. I enjoy vanilla bean, a pinch of sea salt, and a bit of honey. Nevertheless, you could insert in chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla extract, maple syrup in essence everything you can desire up.

homemade almond butter in jar

Immediately after that you can spot it in a mason jar or in a Tupperware and go over both will function. You don’t have to keep it in the fridge either. Just give it a swift stir prior to you use and it’ll be great.

All the photo underneath desires is sliced bananas and some mini chocolate chips. Oh and probably a refreshing manicure (justification my nail polish).

Get pleasure from THE NUT BUTTER!

homemade almond butter spread on bread with spoon

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