I think I stared at them in shock for a superior 10 minutes. For the reason that if you do not like bread, then how can we be buddies?  It is the Most effective bread on earth.  The bread that can make you remember what it is like to be a kid and take in significant amounts of sweets when your mom was not hunting. It is moist. It’s heavenly. It’s great. It’s in your experience.

You know what else has been in my confront a large amount these days?  Fact Television set.  Everytime I flip on the Tv set there it is. And you know what I feel I secretly like it.  It is addicting. Don’t choose.

In reality, I kinda want to be Giuliana Rancic’s most effective buddy. Mainly since I want to raid her closet.  But she looks wonderful and enjoyable. And I bet she likes bananas. I’m going to tweet her and obtain out.

Ah the power of Twitter. You can obtain out if persons like banana bread.

Speaking of social media…

Maybe I ought to have unfriended the person that did not like banana bread.  Due to the fact that is what you do these times. You go on Facebook and unfriend the people today who really don’t like banana bread.

Only kidding. That would be rude. But I am going to hug them future time I see them.  They are missing out one of the finest breakfasts in the environment.  That would make me unfortunate.

coconut banana bread on plates

Ok but genuinely, you want to know why this banana bread is so fantastic?

Due to the fact it has coconut in it.

And toasted coconut on top.

It also has greek yogurt in it.

And a splash of orange juice.

Moreover it’s designed with appreciate.

And since it will be your favorite breakfast at any time.

 collage of coconut banana bread

Oh, and did I mention it is healthy? Yep that’s correct. 115 calories for every slice. Certainly, I will repeat that for you. 115 calories for each slice. I calculated it out just for you.

Why is it healthful you ask? Since I use egg whites, greek yogurt, and nominal oil. It’s a lower body fat, healthier possibility for you.  The coconut offers some fantastic fats nevertheless.

It also supplies a bomb of flavor goodness in your mouth. Moist, delectable tropical savory sweetness.

Flavor bomb. Bomb diggity flavor. …Sorry, I’ll prevent now.

If you know of anyone who doesn’t like banana bread, this will certainly change their thoughts.

holding a slice of coconut banana bread

Healthful + coconut + banana = appreciate.

Have a slice or two for breakfast.  Pack it for that 3pm snack.  Make it for persons who do not like banana bread.

Ps. Do you like when I submit energy or healthier treats?

Depart a comment, would really like to know what you are searching for!