Throughout my more youthful decades, my Mother made use of to carry me together to grocery retailer while she went purchasing. I was generally fired up to go on these weekly trips for the reason that I realized she would acquire me the crispy wedge fries from the Deli counter. They have been extremely scrumptious and basically every thing you need to have in your life at the age of 4. Particularly when you’ve acquired ketchup to dip them in.

I exclusively keep in mind the fries having this incredible crunchy golden brown coating on the outdoors with a trace of spice. But the inside? Pure bliss. An incredibly smooth texture that I even now don’t forget to this day. We referred to as them Joe-Joes I’m still not seriously positive why.

red potatoes

In any case there I’d be sitting down and snacking delightfully on my minimal bag of Joe-Joes with a minor (or A Lot) of ketchup all more than my arms and deal with. I was almost certainly grinning ear to ear.

Is it incorrect that I variety of want to do that yet again? Probably. Perfectly due to the fact grownups never sit in purchasing carts, nor do they have messy faces or palms.

Increasing up is tough guys… particularly when you expand out of eating joe-joes. Nonetheless, I’ve understood that fries can be so considerably better with flavor combos that could fill up an full reserve and dipping sauces that are entirely artistic.

garlic roasted red potato wedges on a baking sheet

That’s accurately why I made these. To establish that potatoes produced at dwelling can be a bit incredible.

In essence the red potatoes (my beloved!) are tossed with a ton of minced garlic, olive oil, rosemary, and parsley then roasted in the oven until eventually they crisp up and turn a golden brown on the exterior. The herbs stick to the potatoes and the garlic crisps up slightly. Later on the potatoes are sprinkled generously with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

The taste mix is addicting. No actually! I felt like I was chomping down on flavor elevated Joe-Joes. WHERE’S MY KETCHUP? Just kidding… kinda.

Actually, search at these matters! Fresh out of the oven, all golden brown and crispy. They’re just waiting around for you to devour them. Are they perhaps ketchup or siracha dippable… I do not know, of course? I’m kind of obsessed with condiments, but you do your detail!

Won’t you tumble in enjoy with the grownup Joe-Joe with me?

garlic roasted red potato wedges