Holiday Candy  December 2017 Peppermint Bark,Peanut Brittle, Hard Candy, and Toffee


Chinese Appetizers Sept. 2017

Sushi Class Sept. 2017

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1. Be respectful of others in class.
2. Follow instructions and use extreme caution with cooking equipment.
3. Alcohol is to be consumed in a responsible manner
4. HAVE FUN!!!!
We reserve the right to remove any person not observing Rules 1-3
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    Gummie Candy and Chocolate Dipping 2.11.2017
Recipe : Gummy Candy
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Old Fashioned Chili, Hot Water Cornbread, Peanut Brittle  2.4.2017
February 10,2016 Residents of Bent Tree

November 2015  for Residents of Bent Tree