Oh hello. Somebody convey to me how it is by now practically April. I’m eagerly waiting for the tulips to make their overall look in my backyard and for the robins to start eating all the added muffin crumbs I put on my deck.

To rejoice all things spring, I’d like you to say hi there to my minimal friends: dreamy orange chocolate chip muffins!

I’ll admit it, orange is my citrus of selection and I’m not mad about it. When I was little I employed to Appreciate the mini orange muffins from the grocery shop. I didn’t have an understanding of why no just one else wished to try to eat them but me, but I considerably preferred their taste above blueberry or even banana. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from another person who mainly provides you a new banana bread weekly, but it is true.

I also happened to enjoy orange cinnamon rolls in excess of frequent cinnamon rolls. Any one else really like orange as a great deal as I do?

Orange chocolate chip muffin with more muffins in the background and two orange halves

Whilst I know I mentioned I was likely to make some sort of lemon cake for easter, but now I have this plan of an orange carrot cake with a clean orange-infused cream cheese frosting. Anyone Aid ME Make a decision.

Whilst I’m thinking about Easter dessert, I’ll leave you with these lovely orange chocolate chip muffins. Orange + chocolate is a match produced in heaven. In truth, don’t forget when I made my paleo orange-kissed loaf with dark chocolate aka the best loaf ever? That taste combo just so took place to inspire this recipe.

two orange chocolate chip muffins stacked on each other with a bite taken out of the top one

These muffins are created with a mix of almond flour and total wheat pastry flour and flavored with fresh new orange juice + orange zest. The result is a Super fluffy, perfectly sweet muffin that I in all probability must get started marketing. If you want, you can sub the complete wheat pastry flour with gluten totally free all purpose flour or chickpea flour, just know that you could have to increase a minimal extra coconut oil (most likely 2-3 tablespoons).

Two orange chocolate chip muffins stacked

Love! xo! 

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