Have you fellas witnessed all of the new peanut butter flavors popping up? What a desire.

Wait, maybe which is just a aspiration for me? You know I enjoy my nut buttahhhhhhhhhh. Here’s a confession: I secretly want to have a pantry devoted to all of the nut butters I can hoard. (Likely a undesirable idea for my waistline, even though I imagine my tastebuds would appreciate it pretty a lot.)

breakfast spread of oat bran muffins in pan and plate with milk and honey

Did you know that nowadays is Nationwide Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?! You assume I would have designed you a cookie recipe but nope you get great old wholesome bran muffins.

In actuality, they are really actually, genuinely superior bran muffins! Come on, you know I wouldn’t lie to you.

oat bran muffins on table with spoon of honey

Last week I found myself craving my Grandmother’s marvelous bran muffins. I recall them becoming moist, delectable, and perfect with a cup of espresso in the early morning. So off I went to the grocery retail outlet on a quest to obtain bran muffin ingredients.

Annnndddd two several hours afterwards, I emerged from Trader Joe’s. I should definitely find out to make lists of the issues I actually will need.

oat bran muffin topped with honey

The muffins have a slight peanut butter taste and are frivolously sweetened with honey. My most loved aspect about these muffins is that they are bursting with  plump, juicy raisins and packed with cinnamon.

hand holding oat bran muffin with raisins

These muffins make a great healthier go-to breakfast, also! They can be independently frozen and then warmed in the microwave in advance of you head out the door for perform. And at only 179 energy with 6g of protein, I’m absolutely loving them!

The taste mixtures are limitless: Swap chocolate chips for the raisins! Use coconut oil rather of peanut butter! Add blueberries or walnuts! Just get pleasure from!

oat bran muffin cut in half with raisins inside

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