You’ve likely found by using Instagram tales that I have been on a bread baking kick these days. The inclination to bake my possess sandwich bread arrived just after going to my Grandma and watching her crank out her handmade bread more rapidly than Martha Stewart. Not only was the bread SO a great deal improved than the retailer-acquired model, but it was a innovative palms-on activity that I felt I could integrate into an afternoon. Furthermore, baking home made bread just can make me very pleased, you know?

So listed here we are! The recipe you have been waiting for: my smooth, home made healthier sandwich bread recipe made with complete wheat flour, nutritious seeds, oats and in a natural way sweetened with just a contact of honey. I have been making this for in excess of a month and can’t cease. Each 7 days a new batch bakes in my oven, generating the house smell fantastic. We use this sandwich bread recipe for sandwiches, garlic bread, french toast, avocado toast — the checklist goes on! And now you can make it far too.

Components for healthy sandwich bread

This lovely, nutritious bread recipe utilizes basic substances to produce a wholesome, perfectly fluffy bread you are going to significantly make once again and once more. Here’s everything you are going to want to make it:

  • Milk: I have used the two frequent milk and almond milk with success. You just will need to make confident the milk is heat, but not hot. 115 levels F is the best temperature for bread producing, but if you don’t have a thermometer to use, the most effective gauge is your finger. Warm the milk feels like warm bathtub h2o when you check it with your finger.
  • Oats: this healthful sandwich bread recipe phone calls for complete grain rolled oats. It provides a great hearty texture to the bread. The oats will soak in the milk for 5 minutes to help soften them a little bit.
  • Honey: to aid activate the yeast, we’re utilizing a tablespoon of honey which gives the bread a quite slight sweetness. If you don’t want to use honey, brown sugar will also do the job.
  • Yeast: use brief rise or instantaneous yeast in this sandwich bread recipe to assistance the bread rise more rapidly. You can also use lively dry yeast, but the bread may perhaps consider a a little bit lengthier time to increase.
  • Butter: fat aids to give the bread a finer crumb and improved texture, but we’re only utilizing 3 tablespoons. Feel cost-free to use vegan butter way too!
  • Bread flour: to support continue to keep this seedy sandwich bread gentle, fluffy and ethereal, we’re employing bread flour, which has a better protein degree to aid lighten the bread’s texture. The bigger amounts of protein help to deliver more gluten, which gives bread its chewiness, texture and common ethereal holes.
  • Complete wheat flour: I wanted this sandwich bread recipe to involve whole grains so I opted for a small full wheat flour. It is significant that you use 100% full wheat flour in this recipe.
  • Flaxseed meal: not only does flaxseed food assist to take in some liquid in this recipe, but it also adds a nutritious dose of fiber and protein to the bread. Flaxseed meal is essential, please do not skip it.
  • Seeds: this recipe phone calls for sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds, which not only enrich the taste of the bread but also give it a delectable slight crunch specially when toasted!
  • Salt: bread made with no salt tastes really basic and in addition, salt also can help to manage yeast in bread recipes so really do not skip it.

unbaked homemade healthy sandwich bread in a loaf pan

How to measure flour

Technically you ought to use a scale to evaluate flour, but there’s definitely no dilemma if you don’t have one particular since most yeast breads can be incredibly forgiving. Learning how to measure flour properly will make sure accomplishment, so test out my tutorial right here and try to remember to look at the online video for full guidelines!

homemade healthy sandwich bread in a loaf pan on top of a circular wire rack

All about yeast: which to use & how to activate

I get this problem all the time in my cinnamon roll recipe and can fully grasp why it may possibly be baffling to know if your yeast is activated. To start with, it is significant to know that there are two styles of yeast to choose from:

  1. The 1st is lively dry yeast, which have to be dissolved in liquid, or also what’s acknowledged as becoming “proofed” before it is added to the rest of the dough ingredients.
  2. The 2nd style of yeast is fast yeast, also recognised as rapid rise yeast (this is the brand I use and adore!). Which is what we are working with for this seedy wholesome sandwich bread recipe. It can be added to the dough without having proofing needed. Nonetheless, I even now like to dissolve it in a small little bit of milk to help get it started out.

You can use both kind of yeast in this recipe, just know that if you use energetic dry yeast, it may just take the bread lengthier to rise. You are going to know when the yeast is activated when you see a few little foamy on the lookout bubbles commence to pop up in the milk/oat/honey mixture.

homemade healthy sandwich bread on a circular wire rack

Guidelines for baking handmade sandwich bread

  • Observe the second rise. The bread ought to not arrive much more than 1 inch previously mentioned the brim of the pan through the next rise. The weather, how a lot you kneaded the dough and the temperature in your property can influence how speedily your dough will increase. So just make positive you’re retaining a close eye on it.
  • Look at the temp. Bread is performed when the interior temperature reaches 190 degrees F. This bread is always correctly completed for me in between 35-40 minutes.
  • Let it sit. Wait around at least 2 hrs until finally cutting into the bread. I know it can be really tempting, but if you minimize into it quicker it will most possible change and adjust the texture.
  • Try it vegan. This bread can quickly be manufactured vegan, only use brown sugar as a substitute of honey, almond milk for the frequent milk, vegan butter and skip the egg clean!

a loaf of homemade healthy sandwich bread with two slices cut out

How to shop do-it-yourself bread

  • To shop: it’s ideal to retail store handmade sandwich bread on the counter. At the time the bread is totally amazing, wrap it in plastic and store at home temperature. If the climate is incredibly hot or humid, it’s very best to store the bread in the fridge.
  • To freeze the bread: wrap it in plastic wrap, then seal it in a ziplock plastic bag, making positive to get all the air out of the bag. You can also wrap the bread in plastic and then wrap it tightly in foil. Bread ought to very last 3 months in the freezer. Once prepared to serve, unwrap the bread and thaw at area temperature.

a slice of homemade healthy sandwich bread topped with mashed avocado on a plate with

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I hope you Enjoy this healthier bread recipe as a great deal as we have savored creating it for you! You should go away a remark and price the recipe if you make it! Get pleasure from! xo.

Recipe by: Evi Madison // SRCooking | Pictures by: Consume Like Eats