Happy Monday! I’m coming at you full force with some of my favorite healthy DIY snack mixes in partnership with my friends at Blue Diamond Almonds, who is the Official Snack Nut of the Team USA Swimming! This time I’m back sharing a few of my favorite go-to healthier snack mixes that help me to feel inspired, energized and follow my “Lane to Greatness“.

If you know me well, you’d know that nothing excites me more than a good snack. From energy bites to toast with all the toppings, I’m always making something different because a girl’s gotta have her options. Am I right?

I think I’ve said this before, but if I don’t have a snack every 2 to 3 hours, I get absolutely the WORST kind of hangry. I can’t speak or think; all that’s dancing through my head is food. GIANT FOOD DANCING TELLING ME TO COME AND GET IT.

Snack cravings are real.

Why I LOVE snacking

I wanted to share with you a few easy to make, kid and adult-friendly snack mixes that will have you excited to get in the kitchen. I know that some prefer not to snack during the day, but I find that it helps me to eat less caloric main meals and keeps my energy up (especially since I workout frequently)!

I say, do what works best for you and your body.

Tips for portion control when snacking

Now if you are the type of person who can’t keep your hand out of the bag when it comes to snack mixes or nuts, I know the feeling and can relate. Give me a big bag of chips and half of them will be gone. However, what if you only had a small, properly portioned bag? It really does help.

1. ) My best tip for portion control is to measure out the snack mixes into individual plastic baggie or containers. Usually 1/4-1/2 cup is good, depending on the mix and carbs to protein to fat ratios.

2. ) Dump the measured mix out in a bowl or onto plate in front of you and eat a few at a time. It helps to slow down your snacking and your stomach and brain can coordinate and help you mindfully recognize when you’re content and satisfied.

3.) Have a good mix of carbs/fats/protein in your snacks so that you won’t be hungry an hour later. Fat keeps you fuller, longer, but protein is also a great addition because it makes your body work to digest it. That’s why I LOVE almonds. They contain nearly 7g protein per serving and are full of heart-healthy fats & fiber.

4.) Watch the added sugar. In my opinion, freeze dried fruits are the best way to go, but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy over them. Dried fruits and freeze dried fruits are different; many dried fruits have extra sugar added to them during the process, most freeze dried fruits are pure and contain only fruit. Avoid excess chocolate, yogurt covered pretzels, sugary cereals, etc. These snacks are okay to enjoy in moderation of course, but make sure to fill up on nutritious food, too!

Healthy Snack Mixes!

I made these healthy snack mixes from a combination of heart-healthy Blue Diamond almonds and other fun combinations I’ve been loving lately.

DIY tropical snack mix with text overlay

First up is the Tropical Snack Mix: A combination of dried banana chips, oat cereal, Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds, coconut chips/flakes and freeze dried mango! If you love all the flavors of the Caribbean, this is for you!

How to make it:

1/2 cup banana chips (or plantain chips)

2 cups toasted oat cereal

1/2 cup Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds

1/2 cup flaked coconut

1 cup freeze dried mango

Makes about 8 servings

Serving size: 1/2 cup = 160 calories, 3.6g fiber, 3g protein

DIY crunchy snack mix with text overlay

The Crunchy Snack Mix is where it’s at: pretzel nuggets, dark chocolate chips, Blue Diamond whole natural almonds (or roasted almonds), dried cherries and graham cracker bunnies! Anyone who loves a good sweet and salty combo will adore this snack mix!

How to make it:

1 cup pretzel nuggets

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1/2 cup Blue Diamond Natural Whole Natural Almonds

1/2 cup dried cherries

1 1/2 cup graham cracker bunnies (such as Annie’s)

Makes about 8 servings

1/2 cup = 189 calories, 2.4g fiber, 2.9g protein

DIY sweet snack mix with text overlay

Finally, we’ve got the sweet snack mix: freeze dried strawberries, dark chocolate chips, Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds, banana chips and flaked coconut. It’s grain free and oh so tempting when you’re craving a little something sweet. This is also one of my go-to guilt-free dessert.

How to make it:

1 1/2 cup freeze dried strawberries

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1/2 cup Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds

1/2 cup banana chips

1/2 cup flaked coconut

Makes about 8 servings

1/2 cup = 195 calories, 4.3g fiber, 2.3g protein

I hope you enjoy these fun, new snack mixes & that it inspires you to create something delicious!

Question for you: What would be in your favorite snack mix?

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Blue Diamond Almonds understand what it takes to be the best. That’s why we’re proud to be an official sponsor of USA Swimming.