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Welcome to Austintatious Cooking!! We love good food and happy people!  In our combined experience of over 60 years in the food industry, we’ve come to know that these two things often come together! Therefore, it’s our passion and mission to teach you all how you can easily prepare dazzling meals to treat your family, impress your guests and, most importantly, Eat and Be Happy!! Our classes are home based classes located in Leander Tx.  In our classes, we offer a fun and relaxed environment in which you can learn, cook and eat with friends!  Sign up for a class today!
Classes include:                                                                  Classes are designed to help with:                                      
  •   Recipes                                                                          Home entertaining
  •  Group and personal instruction                                Pairing wines and beers 
  • Class interaction                                                            Tying meals together course by course
  • Food origin education
  • Wine tasting
  • Cooking and eating!!
 To avoid confusion these classes are taught by Austintatious Cookng but you will sign up through the hub at kitchen underground. ​​
Due to Remodeling Classes will start again  summer 2019 ,  

​​​All classes are Kid-friendly!

Private Cooking Classes 

Are here

Classes are  one on one hands on training, Guests will go through each step of their recipes from start to finish,and leave with confidence and know how to prepare any dish they have learned.  
Types of classes will include: 
Entrees - Coving main dishes, Salads, Sides, and Soups
Desserts- Anything Sweet Cakes, Candys, Ice Cream ect. 
Canning- Pickling, Jams, Jellys, Condiments
Meal Prep - How to prepare fast meals for the week 

Since each class is tailored to you specifically reservations need to be made within 48 hrs. of the class date, after reserving your time we will send you an email with a few questions about what you are looking for. These questions must be answered and sent back with 24hrs. of the class. This will determine the length of the class, most classes are between 2 to 3 hrs. long.

Private classes are for people 18yrs. or older, anyone under 18yrs. of age must be accompanied by a person 18 or older. 
 please email for any inquiries about classes in additional day or time frames.
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All participants must:
1. Be respectful of others in class.
2. Follow instructions and use extreme caution with cooking equipment.
3. Alcohol is to be consumed in a responsible manner
4. HAVE FUN!!!!
We reserve the right to remove any person not observing Rules 1-3
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Please read all rules and policies before booking your class.